Best LED Lights for Room in 2021

The sun is extremely vital for our life in the daytime, yet once it sets, will we be in danger? No, we have LED Lights for the Room to brighten up our colorful nightlife. Your bedrooms, living rooms, and halls are lit with all of these colorful and lively lights strip invention.

It does not only make your room more youthful but also boosts your energy and brain speed whenever you have the task to be completed. If you are tired and do not know where to buy, here are the 12 best LED Lights for decorating your room to your preferences. You can have a look at each specification and details.

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12. Music LED Lights for Room with Remote and UL Listed Adapter

12.LED Lights for Room

Are you bored with your plain and gloomy light in your bedroom? Your mood can be reversed with the help of Music LED Strip Lights. You can turn your room into a disco bar at a glance with just 20 meters flexible rotation string of light.

Importantly, it shines according to the beat of the music melody, which is awesome to entertain all ages. It has the ability to continue blinking from your previous setting, history. The strip light is now famous for its durability flexibility and efficiency use.

Your eyes will be pleased and comfortable with these high quality LED Strip Lights. Although it is quite colorful for kids, it is also suitable for gamers or live streamers to enhance the beauty and quality of the video background.

What We Like

  • Thermal conductive allows LED strip lights to be reused
  • Longer lifetime usage than other types of light
  • Extra remote control to adjust the color change
  • All lights colors can be varied depends upon the soundtrack beat and melody
  • With UL and ETL recognition, it ensures the highest quality
  • Can be extended to the whole room

What We Don’t Like

  • It can be a bit expensive.
  • It is somehow girly.

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11. LED Lights for Room by ViLSOM Light Strip Kit with Remote

11.LED Strip Lights, ViLSOM 20ft USB RGB Led Light Strip Kit with Remote

Decorating your room with special light is not difficult anymore with VilSOM. It is popular for its two rolls and easy tape-like, which is super convenient though you have no electronic device background.

It designed with two different strings that you can use in separate places under the control of only one wireless remote. You will be really contented with the 16 color choices inside a string light to better your room mood and sweet night.

It fits the modern house or condo or any other room within your house. Vloggers can also consider this rope for your lighting adjustment as well.

What We Like

  • 2 pieces of light roll
  • USB port connection eases the way we turn it on and off
  • Quick open the blue side and instantly stick it to anywhere
  • Color adjustment is brilliant
  • Easy to set up and connect
  • Pleasant for room decoration, and DIY elegant lifestyle

What We Don’t Like

  • It can be a bit pricey, yet affordable
  • Limited color choices

10. Weird Tails LED Lights for Room with Music Sync Color Changing Lights

10.Weird Tails LED Strip Lights 16.4ft - (New Version) Music Sync Color

Are you finding strip lights that can be controlled without a remote? Weird tails is a perfect match for you as an artist and music influenced people, especially modern and busy one. It fluctuates due to the music you are playing- it also changes its colors.

Unlike other brands, this rope light can be controlled from your smartphone or iPad. It can also be flexibly cut and joined for free. Also, the premium copper wire makes the product outperforms for many reasons.

There are a 3 months refund and 18 months guaranteed offer once you have to interest when purchasing it, which is so reliable for buyers. A needed light for throwing a party or any special occasions.

What We Like

  • Easy to put on the wall or furniture with the adjustable LED
  • A 50% plus the light is brighter than normal light
  • Surrounding music influences the level of brightness
  • Variety of colors change, more than a million selection
  • Full services up to 1 year and a half

What We Don’t Like

  • Somehow difficult to choose the song for iPhone as it has to be copyright
  • Manual connecter once setting can be confusing when you cut it

9. App Remote Control RGB LED Lights for Room by QZYL

9. App Remote Control RGB LED Strip Lights by QZYL 

Another new technology of wireless LED Strip Lights is fallen to the QZYL brand. It is equipped with a mobile App connection. It makes it convenient to switch on and off as it has the ability to remember the previous setting.

There is also a timer included in the App control, so it is extremely effortless to enjoy your lighting night without any worries once falling asleep. Moreover, it is made of Copper which is the strongest material in the wire.

It guarantees the safety and security of users. If you are a music lover, QZYL would be great assistance to obtain your mood of the day. You can adjust the colors to your favor, and it is environmentally friendly.

What We Like

  • It is controlled by the “duoCo Strip” app
  • You can set the duration of playing the light by the Timer features
  • This LED light can resume from the last option of your colors
  • It is designed with 360 premium 5050 SMD LEDs light adjustments
  • Best service providers with good quality

What We Don’t Like

  • It can be a bit expensive
  • The app can be errors if not correctly use

8. L8Star Smart Changing Rope LED Lights with Bluetooth Controller Sync to Music Apply for TV, Bedroom, and Home Decoration 

8. L8Star Smart Changing Rope LED Strip Lights with Bluetooth Controller Sync to Music Apply for TV, Bed

Are you finding a new light to excite your night? If so, L8star can help bring your mood back from a tiring day. It has come with an AC remote and also updating the App as the main control device.

It is very flexible for designing your room as it can be again cut every 3 pieces of 16.4 feet long. There are two rolls of them which you can use to fit the whole bedroom or any rooms you want to decorate.

Most color designs are extremely fascinating, so you can make use of them to the fullest potentials. Connecting with music is also doable to boost the environment of your party. Why not buying it for yourself or you’re beloved.

What We Like

  • The flexible light rope that can be removed to fit your venue
  • Home Light Appeases the process of using it
  • Music feature included
  • Made with double rolls
  • Two choices of control-remote or adapter

What We Don’t Like

  • allowance only for Android 4.3 or above and IOS 7.0 up
  • It can be broken once water leaks in.

7. BIHRTC RGB Color Changing LED Lights for Room

7.LED Strip Lights BIHRTC RGB 600leds 32.8ft 10M Color Changing

This thoughtful LED slim light rope is a perfect star shining your house from inside. BIHRTC RGB 600 LEDs is famous for its easy use as it has been designed for indoor use. You can cut into a small part every 3 pieces.

All you have to do is to connect it back follow a useful instruction when you purchase. It is strong and safe for all users. If you are a party person, you don’t have to go out often. Just grab this LED strip light to make your room lively and energetic.

Moreover, only 12V is needed to perform its functions. It can be used almost everywhere in your house, bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, free space, or even your hallway. Why not give it a try!

What We Like

  • It gives a powerful signal from a far distance
  • It can be placed everywhere in your house
  • The LED is designed with a slim look, need only 12 volts to process
  • Consume less energy, high performance
  • 2 reels to the length of 5 meters long

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited color choices
  • No water-proof
  • Indoor installment only

6. GUSODOR LED Strip Lights RGB Strips Tape and Waterproof Music sync

6.GUSODOR LED Strip Lights RGB Strips 32.8ft Tape Light 300 LEDs SMD5050 Waterproof

Your bedroom is the place you spend the longest time of the day. Make your day colorful like the color design in GUSODOR LED light rope. It is sensitive to the music live, so you can change your bedroom into a café or bars or Karaoke depend upon your mood and tasks.

A plethora of colors can set in this strip light and 28 unique modes. It super-advanced with waterproof functions that allow it to perform both indoor and outdoor. Memory is also important to resume the last stoplight.

Plus, you can install it by just following the instruction without help from a technician. Enjoy or Christmas with GUSODOR.

What We Like

  • Sound detected, 16 million color change
  • Signal control by App or remote or controller
  • 5050 SMD, adjustable to the level of satisfaction and various modes
  • History recalls, resumes, replays
  • Save environment and money, less energy-consuming, removable into small fractions and can reconnect back
  • Available for both inside and outside the residence

What We Don’t Like

  • A little bit pricy
  • If you use App, the version must be the same or above as IOS 8.0 or Android 4.3

5. RGB LED Lights for Room Color Changing Light Strip Kit by Govee

5.LED Strip Lights, Govee 16.4ft RGB Color Changing Light Strip Kit

Going wild in your room alone with Govee, an incredible environmental controller. It has come with DIY color adjustment, which alters and entertain your mood.

It has made with two control systems, a box, and a remote that allows you to play around with all the settings in that classic LED strip light. A long lifetime of 50,000 is the best feature of it, and durability has become the product killer. Additionally, it is used by many Vloggers or business enterprises.

Other than normal light, it can be cut and bent to fit your curving wall or artistic design. It is also a great resource to decorate your front desk at the office. Hence, let Govee slim light rope modernize your lifestyle.

What We Like

  • Customized color choices
  • Enhance your room atmosphere like living in a dream
  • Low heat output, so it can be stamped on other electronic devices
  • 50,000 hours working life
  • Installment is not effortless

What We Don’t Like

  • Not many choices of colors
  • No waterproof can be put in house only
  • Without App control, hardware control button which is less modern than other brands

4. PANGTON VILLA LED Strip Lights Color Changing Full Kit

4.PANGTON VILLA LED Strip Lights, 16.4ft RGB 5050LEDs Color Changing

Bedroom or club? Your guest will be confused with Pangton Villa LED Strip Light decoration. It has come with low energy consumption and also produces a minimum amount of heat once using it for a long period.

Suitable for most places ranging from room to electronic gadgets. It serves as a lamp and brightens your room along with your mood.

Pangton Light is never too late to purchase it to save our planet as it is very environmentally friendly. It is as beneficial as other brands, yet the price is very reasonable for normal use at home or room light design for a better night shift experience.

What We Like

  • New DIY color setting with cute latest remote control
  • Adhesive tape that is well-stick to the wall or furniture
  • Low heat and less energy use
  • Durable and consume only 12 volts
  • Eco-friendly and reduce the heat

What We Don’t Like

  • Not waterproof, only designed for non-outdoor activities
  • No Application control, which hard when your kid lose the remote control

3. LE LED Lights for Room RGB LED Strips

3. LE LED Strip Lights, 16.4ft RGB LED Strips

LE LED strip Light takes you to another world of lighting life. It is not only a normal strip light but also a gecko for its adhesive tape creation.

It also intrigues users’ creativity by letting you design your own color for 6 templates. Different modes are suitable for various occasions such as party, moody night, or special ceremony every year. Although it glows, you can also adjust the degree of lighting to your favorite.

You can perfectly cut every 3 beads and connect them back to their original functions. It is super useful when you corner or window is artistic. Moreover, it has a two-year warranty which is extremely reliable and responsible as a company. Give it a try because you can also get your backup!

What We Like

  • Extremely good and durable material
  • 20 different colors and another 6 customized color or DIY
  • Very flexible according to the road it walks
  • It can equip at everywhere in your house
  • Warranty of 2 years

What We Don’t Like

  • No App control
  • Not waterproof
  • Not many choices of colors

2. DAYBETTER LED Lights for Room with 44 Keys IR Remote

2.DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights 32.8ft 10m with 44 Keys IR R

If you are looking for a strip light to brighten your day, you can consider DAYBETTER. As its name suggests, it is a great assistance in decorating your room. It has come with 2 reels and two separate connectors at the end of each rope. Various color settings supported and also some exciting modes.

The remote control is the main key to take over the whole 16.4 feet long light. It is suitable for wall decoration or room design. There is a special one-year warranty so that you can change for a new one later if any incidents occur. You create your own world with this eye-catchy light to increase your happiness.

What We Like

  • 16.4 feet, just long enough to fit around your bedroom
  • Millions of choices of colors
  • Well-stick to the wall and last longer than normal tape
  • Removable every 3 beads
  • Use 12 volts positive electricity power

What We Don’t Like

  • Need to connect to the box, in parallel
  • No Application control from far away
  • Not waterproof

1. MINGER LED Lights for Room RGB LED Light Strip 5050 LED Tape Lights

1.MINGER LED Strip Lights, 16.4ft RGB LED Light Strip 5050 LED Tape Lights,

Your life is brighter on a daily basis with the help from MINGER LED Strip Lights. It includes technology that can speed up or adjust the light by itself with numerous colors. Self-fixed is also available if you prefer an odd color

different from the setting. It consumes less energy and also produces fewer heat, which is very wise if you are an environmentalist. You can change your strip 3 LEDs by 3 LEDs by removing the line mark provided and you can always link it back to fit your room size.

Adhesive tape is self-made to ensure the stickiness of the strip light once peeling and putting on somewhere. Instant message reply within a day. Come and drop your order now!

What We Like

  • Reasonable price if compared to other brands
  • 16 colorful setting, and DIY color designs
  • 5050 SMD beads, under roof use, and dim light level control
  • Eco-friendly, save energy, save money and save the earth
  • Ease users in installing
  • 3 months guarantee and 12 months warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Not waterproof
  • Limited color choices
  • No music influence

Buying Guide to Choosing the Best LED Lights for Room

Strip Light is used for an elegant look or elite family, yet ordinary citizens can also enjoy the light decoration to able incredible happiness. If you want to buy it, you may want to know some essential information before deciding what is suitable for your house, office or working spaces. Here are some guides to direct you to the right decision making.

Consider the Length

First and foremost, you need to know the general size of your room so that you can manage to buy the right length just fit perfectly in your place. Some light ropes are designed in reels or rolls. Hence, you can buy a pair or two based on the actual meters or feet.

Consider the Color setting & Price

The new design strip light is popular for its millions of color choices, yet it is a bit pricey. If you are looking for a classic light that you rarely change within a day, 16 colors or less can be fully worked with less expensive expenses.

Consider Durability & Flexibility

This refers to the lifespan of the light which is normally 50,000 hours. You have to be aware of that as sometimes you may install it in high building or difficult to go-in place. So you don’t have to change it more often.

Furthermore, you can cut and bend the strip as you want because your house is not always flat and smooth on the surface. The tape must be strong and adhesive in order to prevent from falling off. Plus, is it waterproof or non-waterproof as you can consider using for your outside garden.

Consider Energy Consumption

Rope light is so thin that you can choose the least power consumption to secure your safety. It might be producing high heat if you choose the wrong LED light. You can also save the environment by just using the correct light for your home sweet home.

Other Benefits

Some brands have come with a guarantee and warranty, which is extremely necessary because normal people cannot acknowledge the full functions of the light. So, you can make some changes or asking for additional help in order to use the product longer and safer for your beloved kids, family, colleague, or customers. Discount is also spot on to save your buck.


After analyzing each brand in our top 12 LED Lights for Room reviews and buying guide, I am sure you can know some basic features and product differences. Length and color are the most important things you should consider as it is very fundamental. Other things are just slightly different from a brand to one another.

It is normally made with millions of colors, but you can always lower the tone to the classic type. I hope you find the writing above useful. Please read carefully on each specification to get what you truly need to make your place look amazing as a wonderland.