Best Ice Crusher Machines in 2021

Getting your ice crushed ready for a party or preparing cocktails fast and easy with an Ice Crusher Machines. It saves you lots of trouble following the old fashion way, which is crushing by hand. The ice crusher machine is a modern technology that breaks the ice with an electric motor.

Also, it can squash a lot of ice in a short period and a little to no spill at all. Besides, an excellent ice smasher machine should not be taking up much of your kitchen space and be very easy to use. Get yourself an ice crusher machine today, and get your party life changed.

In helping you choose the best ice breaker machine in the market, we carefully collected 12 ice crusher machines most popular and recommended by customers. Let us learn about the good and bad points of each product, and we also have some tips for you as well.

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12. WYZworks Heavy Duty Ice Shaver

12. WYZworks Stainless Steel Commercial Heavy Duty Ice Shaver with 2 Extra Blades

Coming hot on number 12 of our list today, WYZworks an ice smashing beast. Covering itself with stainless steel, WYZworks capable of heavy ice shaving in large quantities. The whole machine is designed from stainless steel, making it very stable when performing its job.

WYZworks can be simply and safely operate with a single switch on and off. One press on a switch and your ice will be start getting crushed. Moreover, WYZworks is built with a strong motor and duel stainless steel blade that can produce up to 440lbs amount of shaved ice in a short period. You will not regret choosing WYZworks for serving in your house.

What we like:

  • The whole machine is stainless steel designed
  • Ability to produce large quantities of crushed ice
  • Very easy and simple to use
  • Stable

What we don’t like:

  • It makes a loud noise
  • It is a little big to sit in a small kitchen

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11. F2C 300W Electric Ice Shaver Machine

11. F2C 300W Electric Ice Shaver Machine Shaved Ice Machine Ice Crusher Snow Cone Maker

Get your party kick start with shaved ice prepared for cocktails. F2C is famous for producing ice for making your cocktails taste better and cooler. Simply placing ice inside the aluminum hopper and gently press the handle. Now you can enjoy a delicious homemade drink.

Thou, this little party helper base is made from plastic, but it can surely and stably complete the task. Moreover, the blade is designed with sharp alloy steel that can plow through ice effortlessly.

A feature that made this little crusher machine unique is waterproof covered on the switch button. It prevents users from getting shocked in an accident. F2C is a party booster that every party host must own.

What we like:

  • Alloy steel blade that can cut through ice easily
  • Waterproof design on the switch
  • Easily clean off
  • Last for years without any rust

What we don’t like:

  • It produces a loud noise when crushing ice

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10. Costzon Electric Ice Shaver

10. Costzon Electric Ice Shaver, 250W Stainless Steel Snow Cone Maker

Make your kitchen complete with Costzon, the electric ice shaver. Eye-catching designed for sitting in your beautiful home kitchen, restaurant, and bars. Constzon is stainless steel constructed, and it is famous for its durability. Also, you can use it for the long term without a worry about any rust on the unit.

Crafted with two powerful commercial grade 420 alloy steel combine with 250W rotate speed, enable Constzon to produce up to 440 lbs of ice per hour.

This high production level is perfect for hosting a large party all night long. Costzon will give you the best and fastest shaved ice to serve your party. Grab Costzon today, and the only regret you have is not owning it earlier.

What we like:

  • Durable and lasted for many years
  • Very powerful that it can produce 440 lbs of ice per hour
  • Stainless steel constructed
  • Easy to use

What we don’t like:

  • Crushed ice sometimes stuck

9. MANBA Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine

9. MANBA Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine - Premium Portable Ice Crusher and Shaved Ice Machine

Spending the most enjoyable time with your family and children with freshly made snow cones. MANBA brings love and snow cone to your beloved family. MANBAis equipped with four stainless steel blade that smashes through the ice into tiny pieces in no time which creates the perfect snow cone.

Add little syrup on ice, freshly made slushie is ready for you to enjoy. MANBA is perfectly safe for beginner users. The crushed ice is stored inside a closed container that guarantees no spill or splash while shaving the ice cube. Enjoy your priceless time with your young ones with a safe homemade slushie.

What we like:

  • Four stainless steel blades that can crush ice is much faster
  • Portable, nicely fit in a family kitchen
  • Effortlessly smash ice into little pieces
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Ice tray prevent splash and spill

What we don’t like:

  • It is hard to clean by hand
  • Some customers complaint about inconsistence ice size

8. Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine

8. Great Northern Premium Quality Ice Cub Shaved Ice Machine Commercial Ice Shaver

Coming in number 8 of our list is Great Northern, the premium ice shaver. Beautiful plastic design cover from top to bottom combine with the stainless steel blade. Great Northern has 1725rpm tighter with 1/3 horsepower motor is the key for this machine achieving its high production level.

Hosting patio party much easier with Great Northern by your side. Great Northern made crushing even more convenience with a built-in replaceable blade.

In a long time used, the blade might get rust as it cut through the ice for years. With replaceable blade function, you do not have to spend money on buying a new ice crushing machine. You only have to replace the edge, and you can use it for many more years to come.

What we like:

  • Beautiful eye-catching design
  • Fully replaceable blade
  • Produce 6 pounds of ice per minute
  • Shave large block of ice

What we don’t like:

  • Not safe for children to operate
  • Not suitable for small ice cube
  • Make loud noise

7. Gourmia GIC9635 Ice Shaver

7. Gourmia GIC9635 Ice Shaver – Manual Hand Crank Operated Ice Breaker with Stainless Steel Blades

In this hot season, having a nice cold drink that you can make inside your home would be the best. Worry not, Gourmia got your back on this one. Gouemia has a reputation for serving family and quality in the industry. Making smoothie becomes much easier so that you do not even have to go outside in this burning weather anymore.

This tool can complete such a great task with straightforward operation. Anyone even children can operate Gouemia effortlessly and safely. Get Gourmia to your home today, and get ready for the nice freshly homemade smoothie.

What we like:

  • Very safe and stable to operate
  • Take up little space of the kitchen
  • Ice tray for storing shaved ice
  • Stainless steel blade that can plow through easily

What we don’t like:

  • Cannot operate on an ice block
  • Not suitable for heavy ice shaving duty

6. VIVOHOME Electric Ice Shaver

6. VIVOHOME Electric Ice Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine Silver

If you are looking for keeping your seafood fresh with shaved ice, you have come to the right place. VIVOHOME is one of the best electric ice shavers you can find in the market that is perfect for the seafood platter.

In fact, this unit is so powerful that it can produce 143 lbs of ice in an hour. Now you can have a bulk of seafood storing on cold and fresh shaved ice for your whole family to enjoy. VIVOHOME includes a unique corrosion free feature to ensure that this can run for a long time without any rust.

VIVOHOME cares about customers’ safety so that it made this machine with an automatic safety power shut off, preventing injuries by accident.

What we like:

  • Ability to produce large amounts of ice
  • Safe to operate
  • Very stable when doing its job
  • Stainless steel built that makes it durable and last for a long time

What we don’t like:

  • Not suitable for ice block
  • Some people prefer larger ice tray

5. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Kid

5. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Kid-Friendly Snow Cone Machine

Create a memorable moment with your kids with a freshly made snow cone. Hawaiian is the snow cone master that can bring the best snow cone taste to your family. The fully electric Hawaiian snow cone machine is perfect for family use, plus it is friendly for kids to use as well.

Moreover, the size of Hawaiian is what makes it the best ice crusher in the market. It only takes up small kitchen space, and you can easily store them inside a counter or in a cabinet. There is no better feeling than seeing your kids enjoying your hand made drink, grab your Hawaiian today, and bond up with your children better.

What we like:

  • portable size and easy to store
  • Simple and easy to control
  • Safe for children to operate

What we don’t like:

  • Not for heavy ice shaving duty
  • Making a fairly loud noise

4. Portable Hand Crank Ice Crusher by VICTORIO VKP1126

4. Portable Hand Crank Ice Crusher by VICTORIO VKP1126

Make a lovely snow cone quick and easy with VICTORIO. Simply placing ice inside the crusher, and spin the hand crank; all the ice will be smashed into the perfect snow cone just for you. Though it is not a machine ice crusher, the five blades can still perfectly cutting through ice in a short period.

VICTORIO has a sturdy ice suction base for keeping the crusher in place, while you are spinning the hand crank. It is a perfect kitchen helper for a small family household or people who enjoy eating snow cone all to themselves. You do not have to wait in a long line for a slushie; you can just make one for yourself at your comfort place.

What we like:

  • Safe and easy to run
  • Take up a little kitchen space
  • Save energy
  • Eye-catching design

What we don’t like:

  • Not for a huge amount of ice product
  • Require users’ energy

3. Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker

3. Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker, One Size, Red

Cuisinart is ice smashing machine that designed especially for slushies specialists. It has a reputation for making quality slushies and other drinks. Cuisinart can be used for running a small business or just for use inside a house. Get ready to make slushies like never before with Cuisinart.

Place ice cube with syrups or juices, slushies are ready in a matter of minutes. In fact, Cuisinart is one of the most potential crusher machines that can produce up to 5 cones under one minute. Moreover, it has a gorgeous design with an entirely covered ice tray that can store a large quantity of ice without any leakage.

What we like:

  • Ability to produce a large quantity of ice
  • Can be used for business or family purpose
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Large ice tray box

What we don’t like:

  • It takes up some space
  • Making some noise when crushing ice

2. ZENY Ice Shaver Machine

2. ZENY Ice Shaver Machine Electric Snow Cone Maker Stainless Steel Shaved Ice Machine 145lbs Per Hour

Having a steak dinner with nice cold wine inside a wine bucket is one of the romantic dinners ever exist. Making shaved ice is essential for the wine bucket; shaved ice can bring a better taste of wine and keep it cold. ZENY is a professional ice shaver machine that can produce 145lbs of shaved ice per hour, which is perfect for the wine bucket.

With ZENY, you can achieve your romantic dinner fast and easy. Also, ZENY has many special features built-in that ensure users comfort and effortless.

Besides, achieving high shaved ice production made possible with commercial stainless steel blades combine with a highly efficient motor. Now you can enjoy your mouthwatering steak and cold wine with your loved one without spending much time preparing it.

1. Nostalgia RSM602 Countertop Snow Cone Maker

1. Nostalgia RSM602 Countertop Snow Cone Maker Makes 20 Icy Treats, Includes 2 Reusable Plastic Cups & Ice Scoop, Retro Red

Either it is for party time or for enjoying in this hot weather, a snow cone is always the best choice for celebrating at these events. Nostalgia, also known as a premium snow cone make is here for serving in any event of your choice.

With the ability to produce 20 snow cones at a time, making Nostalgia is one of the most desirable ice smashing machine of all time.

Nostalgia has a stainless steel blade that can slits through ice precisely at a very highly effective rate allowing large shaved ice production in a short period of time. Moreover, this machine has the side shelf for holding two snow cones at a time, so you can add syrup you desire.

What we like:

  • Can produce up to 8 ounces of snow at a time
  • Side shelf for holing two snow cones at a time
  • 360-degree clear view
  • Safe to operate

What we don’t like:

  • It is a bit chunky
  • Not suitable to use with an ice block
  • The plastic door is a bit slim that might break if not careful

Buying guide to choosing the best Ice Crusher Machines

Getting a perfect ice crusher machine for yourself can be a difficult task as there are many options in the market. That is why we decided to help you out with this information we have for guiding you to choose the best ice crusher machine that suits your using purpose. Let us read through the guide down below.

Consider the Production Level:

Decide the amount of shaved ice you want to use each time. If it is for enjoying inside your small family, consider the one that can produce a small amount of shaved ice or get the hand crank. If you want to use it for hosting large parties or running a business, it is better to have one that can produce large capacity.

Consider the Design:

When it comes to design, you should not be so stressed about it. Keeping in mind that all the items listed above are work fine. All you have to do is follow your heart; choose the one that you think attracts you most. You will not make any mistakes as long as you love the design.

Consider the Types of Ice It Requires:

There are two types of ice crusher machines, and both of them operate on different types of ice. There is the crusher machine that works with an ice block, and the other one that works with ice cubes.

If you only use the ice block, the ice crusher machine that operates on the ice block is more suitable for you. On the other hand, if you are using ice that produces by your fridge, which is an ice cube, it is best for you to get the crusher machine that works with ice cubes.


To sum up, an ice crusher machines can bring you joy and taste of the sweet snow cone. With the right ice crusher machines, you can use it to serve many functions. Shaved ice can be used for making snow cones, platter seafood, wine buckets, or hosting parties.

After reading through each bad and good points of each product above, hope you have a better understanding of the products. Also, you can probably see which machine suits your situation best. Do not hesitate, grab one of the ice crushers mention above, and got all your problems solved. I hope you can get what you are looking for and serve your needs.

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