Best Handheld Cooler Fans in 2021

Keep your cool when the outdoors temperatures rise so do some people’s internal temperature. They get hot under the collar, miserable, and take it out on everyone. This situation is why the top 15 best handheld cooler fans in 2021 are so important.

These fans help people remain cool, calm and collected. They are also portable so that anyone can use them anywhere. With their ability to travel just about anywhere you will be prepared for hot temperatures wherever they take place.

When it comes to keeping your cool, it pays to have a portable handheld fan on duty to make sure you enjoy the activities you are doing.

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15. ANUOEXGO Double-Headed Transformable Handheld Cooler Fan

15.ANUOEXGO Double-Headed Transformable Fan

The two fans on one handle do double the cooling work. Keep both you and your kids cool by bringing this top handheld cooling fan out of your purse and get it going. Once you are done it folds up and fits in the palm of your hand. That makes carrying it a snap.

Also, you can fold the flexible fan and allow it to stand on its own foot. With the right moves, you can keep your hands free and still get a cool breeze flowing. The 2 speeds give you a little cooling option. Plus, you only need to charge it for a couple of hours to get a long term use out of a single charge.

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14. Rock Space Mini Handheld Cooler Fans

14.Mini Handheld Fan - Super Quiet

You can place this top cooling fan in your hand but do so without blocking the airflow. This all cooling fan packs a cooling punch when you are overheating due to a lack of air conditioning.

In addition to that, a short charge gives you roughly 10 hours of use time. More than enough to carry you through the day. Its 3 speeds make sure you are in control of how much power you use.

This fan can be recharged through a variety of electrical devices using a USB cable. With its portability, you can stay cool even if the camping weather turns super hot. This cooling fan will stand on its own as well.

13. HAPTIME Portable Personal Mini Handheld Cooler Fan

13.HAPTIME Portable Personal Mini Fan

One button operation makes this cooling fan easy to use. A flick of your thumb and you are receiving a cooling breeze a second later. With its ABS and PP plastic construction, this fan should be able to endure normal daily treatment with ease.

The two AA batteries supply all the power you need. Plus, you get light flexible fan blades that fold up without breaking when you put the cap back on. Its slender design makes sure it fits in a suit coat pocket or a purse without taking up a lot of room.

If you are taking selfies, you can use this cooling fan to give your hair that wind blowing look even when the wind is not blowing.

12. VersionTECH Folding Handheld Cooler Fans

12.VersionTECH. Fan, Small Mini Desk

Mechanical items like office cooling systems break down from time to time. That is why you need this top cooling fan on hand. Its 3 speeds give you lots of cooling choices and its long handle makes sure you can prop it up when you need both hands to work.

In addition to that, the 7 blades create a nice breeze, one that can be felt up to 3 meters or 9 feet away. The rechargeable battery only needs a USB cable to get its power back. You can use one speed while it is recharging. It is so versatile and easy to use that you can use this fan just about anywhere you go.

11. HonHey Handheld Fan Portable Handheld Cooler Fans

11.HonHey Handheld Fan Portable

One could thing about technology is that it is learning how to make things last. These cooling fans can serve you well for up to 15,000 hours. That is a long time when you do not use it every day and all day.

With one charge this top cooling fan can run for about 12 hours, depending on which of the 3 fan speeds you use the most. A 2 1/2 hour recharge time is not long to wait before using the cooling powers of this fan again.

On top of that, it is about 1/2 pound weight makes it easy to pack along with you so it is always on hand when temperatures rise.

10. XINBAOHONG Portable USB Rechargeable LED Handheld Cooler Fan

10.Neck Fan, XINBAOHONG Portable USB

Keep your hands free when you choose to use this top cooling fan. It s designed to be held by your neck and the dual fans make sure your head is cool all the time. 3 fan speeds also allow you to keep the wind at your preference level.

Once you have it powered up, this dual cooling fan works for about 2 to 6 hours at a time. It will depend on your cooling needs how long this fan’s cooling work lasts. A USB cable hooks it up to your power source. With its adjustable nature, you can turn the fans 360 degrees to alter the flow of air to meet the situation you are in.

9. iEGrow Handheld USB Mini Misting Handheld Cooler Fan

9.iEGrow HQM-MY001

Having a handheld cooling fan does more than one task is perfect for your beauty look. This top cooling fan provides a mist of water when you want it and helps keep your skin moisturized.

Two buttons access all the wind and mist features built into this device. Just move the buttons to get the combination you want and need. Made from tough plastic so it should handle accidental bumps and drops with ease.

The usual USB cable provides the power to recharge the built-in battery. Its compact size means it won’t take up a lot of space in your pack, purse, or briefcase. That keeps the fan handy when you need it most.

8. BroElec Portable Handheld Cooler Fans

8.BroElec Portable Fan Hand Free Small Personal

There are those times where you need your hands free to get your work done. Yet you need to cool down. One way to do that is to use this hands-free cooling fan. It goes around your neck and helps keep you cool.

On top of that, the fans turn 360 degrees, has 3 speeds and only needs to be charged once in a while to make sure you sta6y cool all the time. Depending on the settings you use, this dual fan can last you between 4 and 12 hours before needing to be powered up again.

It is easy to use the fan that makes sure you stay cool no matter what is happening inside or out.

7. KOODER Handheld Cooler Fans

7.KOODER Handheld Fan, Mini Fan

Three and six are your magic numbers when you buy this cooling fan to keep the temperature endurable. The 3 stands for the charging time and you will need every second of it to get the most out f this fan. The 6 stands for continuous use after you charge it up.

This fan should be with you throughout most of the day working hard to keep you cool. It is a 5-inch size means that it can fit into a pocket and be ready to work when you need it to. With a lack of weight, it should not be a burden t you when you pack it to your next destination.

6. YIHUNION Mini Handheld Cooler Fans

6.YIHUNION Mini Handheld Fan Portable

Once you choose this fan for your cooling duties, you can hold it by hand or place it in its included stand. Either way, you get to use the 4 cooling fan speeds to your heart’s content.

With its approx. 8 by 4 by 1-inch size and less than 1/2 pound weight you can use this fan just about anywhere you happen to be. It may be small but it does provide a lot of cooling for you. 4 fan blades stir the air blowing it in your direction.

A simple charge brings you between 3 and 13 hours of continuous use. All you have to do is find your cooling sweet spot and leave the fan on.

5. Aluan Handheld Cooler Fans

5.luan Handheld Fan Mini Fan Powerful

Measuring only about 5 inches long you can bring this cooling fan along with you placed safely in your pocket. Or you can use the long holding cord and place it over your neck till you need to use it again. One button operation makes it simple to access the two built-in fan speeds.

If you do not like blue, it does come in 2 other coolers to satisfy your personal tastes. No matter the color you choose, you have a great mini cooling fa=n that relieves hot situations fast. This device can be charged through a variety of devices for 1 1/2 hours. Once done you get about 2 hours of continuous use.

4. OPOLAR Small Battery Operated Face Handheld Cooler Fan

4.OPOLAR Small Handheld Battery

The two included batteries can be recharged when they lose their battery life. Once that is done you have a great cooling fan that helps you out when the temperature gets too hot.

This aid remains on hand for up to 20,000 hours before it is time to replace it with another model. On top of that, you can adjust the fan head up to 180 degrees and free up your hands when you have important tasks to complete.

Plus, the handle is easy to hold on to. Its length should give you enough room to hold the fan comfortably. That makes using this cooling fan a treat and simple to do.

3. EasyAcc Battery Handheld Cooler Fans

3.EasyAcc Battery Handheld Fan Portable Battery

All it takes to power this mini cooling fan is one rechargeable battery. A USB cable is included to make sure you can repower this device anywhere you happen to be near a good USB port.

In addition, once power you have 3 fan speeds to choose from. Make sure you do not get blown away by choosing a lower fan speed. A single charge gives you about 3 to 10 hours of continuous use.

Also, it is small enough to fit in your pack or suitcase. It doesn’t take up a lot of room. You can be cool on business trips as well as other travel adventures.

2. OPOLAR Mini Portable Battery Operated Travel Handheld Cooler Fan

2.OPOLAR Mini Portable Battery Operated

This nicely designed cooling fan gives you individual power on and off buttons. Then it has indicator lights telling you which function or fan speed you are currently using. Those lights remind you in case you forgot which setting you selected.

3 fan speeds and 1 rechargeable battery come together to make sure you remain cool while you work. After you power it up, you will receive between 3 and 13 hours of continuous use.

The fan sits comfortably on your desk or tabletop blowing nice cool air at you till you tell it to stop. The approx 6 by 4 by 2-inch fan delivers the cooling breeze you always wanted.

1. VersionTECH Mini Handheld Cooler Fans

1.VersionTECH. Mini Handheld Fan, USB Desk Fan

Convenience is king with this mini cooling fan. A built-in battery is recharged through the included USB cable and it is powerful enough to cool you down on hot days. 6 fan blades handle that duty well.

On top of that, you can choose between 3 fan speeds to make sure your work area is cooled down. A brushless motor makes sure this top device lasts and works for you for years.

Just make sure to remove the insulation from the battery compartment to facilitate recharging. When that is done, you can use a computer or other similar electronic devices to power the fan up again.


Keeping cool is important. The lower temperatures help you to concentrate and stay alert. With one of the top 15 best handheld cooling fans in 2021 on duty, you should accomplish both objectives.

These top fans are built to last as well as deliver the airflow you like. When temperatures start to rise reach for the best because these cooling fans know their cooling business and do the job well.