Best External Hard Drives in 2021

Storage of valuable data has always been a problem and with an increase in the amount of data these days, it’s become mandatory for almost everyone to have the sense to effectively manage one’s data. With the huge amount of relevant, irrelevant, temporary, permanent, frequently used and data used once in a while, there are many different categories of data. Storage devices like external hard drives help solve this problem.

External hard drives today come in many ranges and with varied features depending on personal requirements. Some of the best external hard drives in 2021 suitable for both personal and professional use.

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15. KESU 250GB Portable External Hard Drive

15.250GB Portable External Hard Drive Type C USB3.0 HDD Storage Compatible for PC, Mac, Desktop, Laptop

Newest in the market, this external hard drive has many advantages over others of the same company. KESU Portable External Hard Drive not only offers a stylish look with its fresh white color but also offers faster data transfer rates.

Being portable and Type C is also compatible with MacBooks, laptops which are considered to be professional PCs. In an overview of the product, it consists of a USB Type C 3.1 Connector which offers fast and stable data transfer. The data transfer rates reach up to 10 Gbps, hence offers tremendous speed.

Highly compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. This KESU hard drive has 250GB storage capacity. With its fresh white color, drop, and scratch-resistant design this hard drive is too catchy and classic on the exterior and with its excellent features, it is too useful in the interior.

Reasons to buy 

  •  Compatibility with various OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android OS.
  •  3-year warranty and lifetime technical support
  •  The rotation speed of 5400RPM i.e faster transfer rates

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14. 320GB External Hard Drive – MegaZ Backup Slim 2.5” Portable HDD

14.320GB External Hard Drive - MegaZ Backup Slim 2.5'' Portable HDD USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, Laptop, PS4

With no need to reformat and compatible with Microsoft Windows/ Mac/ PS4/ Xbox, this 320GB storage capacity hard disk MegaZ Backup Slim 2.5’’ Portable drive is one of its kind. Equipped with 3.0 USB, this HDD enables you to back up even a huge amount of data within seconds.

This whole Mega Z Backup HDD comes with a 19 inch USB 3.0 cable, User’s manual, and 3 years of warranty. With a huge storage capacity of 320GB, this HDD is extremely user-friendly and can be used to store huge amounts of data in an organized manner in a limited space of Slim 2.5’’. Also, this extravagant slim style makes it handy, sturdy, and classic.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  High-speed connectivity
  •  Ultra-high-speed data transfer rate
  •  Compatibility with most systems
  •  No external power requirement
  •  No software installation required
  •  Handy and catchy

13. G-Technology 5TB ArmorATD All-Terrain Rugged Portable External Hard Drive

13.5TB ArmorATD All-Terrain Rugged Portable External Hard Drive - USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.0-0G10478-1

This is a G technology-based 5TB ArmorATD Rugged Portable External Hard Drive. Basically used for relentless storage. Extremely shock resistant, designed to sustain rough and extreme conditions. This HDD appears as a boon to many photographers.

ArmorATD All-Terrain Rugged Portable External Hard Drive has an added triple-layer shock-resistant along with inbuilt rain and dust resistant enclosure. It has a type C USB connection and is compatible with Mac and Windows. It has USB 3.0 and is even thunderbolt compatible with the included USB-C and USB-A adapter.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  Drop up protection up to 1m.
  •  Extremely high storage capacity.
  •  IP54 dust and rain resistant
  •  If you are a photographer and want an HDD compatible with harsh conditions then this is the one.

12. Fantom Drives 8TB External Hard Drive

12.Drives 8TB External Hard Drive - 7200RPM USB 3.0 3.1 Gen 1 Aluminum Case

Fantom Drives 8TB External Hard Drive is 7200RPM, USB 3.0/3.1, and Generation 1 Hard Drive. Preferred for extremely high speeds and faster data transfer rates. Offers excellence for office and professional use. Fantom drives offer simple plug and play use with ultra speed transfer rates with USB 3.0, almost 33% faster than the normal 5400RPM.

These hard drives are compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or later, Windows 7 or later. This HDD is reliable for quality photo, video, and audio storage with maximum performance. It has a hard aluminum body for better protection and a fanless design which offers silent operations.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  Sleek design with aluminum hard body.
  •  Faster data transfer
  •  Professional use with the requirement of huge storage capacity.

11. ADATA HD710 Pro 4TB USB 3.1 IP68 Waterproof External Hard Drive

11.HD710 Pro 4TB USB 3.1 IP68 Waterproof Shockproof Dustproof

HD710 Pro is designed for outdoor users who want safety, reliability, quality, and style in a single package. This hard drive provides robust features at affordable rates. HD710 Pro has a storage capacity of 4TB, which serves to be more than enough to be your companion outdoors.

HD710 Pro has a USB 3,1 Connection, IP68 Waterproof, shockproof and dustproof design. The USB 3.1 makes it compatible with Mac, Pc, and Linux. US Army MIL-STD-810G 516.6 standard passed, durable triple-layered construction hard drive keeps your data safe and can withstand any rough condition. It comes in 4 colors for the user to pick.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  Durability, reliability, and robust design
  •  Large storage capacity
  •  Suitable for Outdoor adventures

10. FD 8TB External Hard Drive – USB 3.0/3.1 Gen 1

10.8TB External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 3.1 Gen 1 Aluminum Case - Mac, Windows, PS4

A modified version of fantasy drives is perfect for Audio and video professionals. These fantastic drives offer higher reliability and quality storage required in audio-video professionals.

This hard drive has USB 3.0/ 3.1 to offer compatibility with Mac, PS4, Xbox, and Windows. Consists of Gforce3 for optimal storage and eSATA host connectivity for faster data transfer. It has a hard sturdy aluminum casing for better protection.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  Robust case hence reliable storage
  •  Quality and performance
  •  eSATA connectivity: Faster data transmission

9. Maxone Upgrade 2.5” Portable HDD – Best External Hard Drives

9.320GB External Hard Drive - Maxone Upgrade 2.5'' Portable HDD USB 3.0 for PC, Laptop, Mac

Maxone HDD is a 320GB hard disk drive with an updated feature of 2.5-inch external drive, super speed due to USB 3.0 which makes its speed faster by 10 times. Instead of modification and upgrade it holds its compatibility still with USB 2.0 portable drive.

This HDD is highly compatible with systems like Microsoft Windows 10/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 8/ Windows 7/ smart TV/ Mac OS (10.6.5 and above)/ PS4/ Xbox. No specific software installation and power supply required for its use. Simple plugin and get started.

With its Mini USB hard drive it can easily fit in your palm and is also lightweight and easy to carry. The whole package comprises of 1 portable external hard drive, 1 USB 3.0 cable, and a 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Reasons to Buy 

  •  Super speed USB and data transfer rates
  •  Multifunctional, can be used as an extra storage device.
  •  You can easily create partitions on the Hard Drive.

8. Ultra Slim Portable External Hard Drive

8.250GB Ultra Slim Portable External Hard Drive USB3.0 HDD Storage Compatible for PC, Desktop, Laptop

KESU ultra-slim portable external HDD is an upgraded version of KESU2530, with its thickness reduced by 2mm and is only 0.43 inches. Easy to use this HDD offers 250GB storage capacity with a brushed surface and excellent connection.

No requirement for any software installation, Just plug and you are good to go. KESU Ultra Slim works well with both USB 3.0 and 2.0 at faster rates. It is compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux/Android OS and is formatted as ExFAT. The package comes with 1 Portable External Hard Drive; 1 USB3.0 Cable along with 3 Years of warranty.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  Ultra Slim Body and Classic Look
  •  Faster data transfer rates
  •  Compatibility with almost all systems(may require some formatting in case of older systems)

7. 320GB External Hard Drive Portable 2.5” Ultra Slim HDD

7.320GB External Hard Drive Portable - Maxone 2.5' Ultra Slim HDD Storage USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, Laptop,

Maxone 320GB storage external device is ultra-slim only 0.4inch when compared to its past versions. This version promises remarkable strength, protection against scratch, and high durability.

Equipped with USB 3.0 for faster speeds, it is formatted as exFAT. ExFAT makes it compatible with Windows and Mac. Maxone is easy to start working with a hard drive with no installations and external power requirements. This 320GB Hard drive also takes care of the PC’s performance allowing super speeds up to 5Gbits/sec.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  Ultra Slim Body and Classic Look
  •  Faster data transfer rates
  •  Compatibility with almost all systems(may require some formatting in case of older systems)
  •  Remarkable strengths.

6. Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A60

6.Power 2TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A60, Shockproof USB

Silicon Power 2TB hard drive is formatted to FAT32 for its direct use with MAC and Windows. It offers high data transfer rates and an ample amount of storage capacity of 2TB. It works well while transferring up to 4GB of the file but needs to be formatted to exFAT for a single transfer of files more than 4GB.

Silicon Power Armor A60 is provided with military-grade shockproof and IPX4 water-resistant protection. It also has an add-on feature of cable carry design so no more search for missing cables. This hard drive is compatible with most systems like windows, Mac, Xbox 360, PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim

Reasons to Buy 

  •  Excellent shockproof military-grade protection of data
  •  High storage( now store all your photos, videos, and even games in one drive)
  •  Plug and play feature

5. Samsung T5 Portable SSD – Best External Hard Drives

5.Samsung T5 Portable SSD - 1TB - USB 3.1 External SSD

Samsung T5 portable SSD is a 1TB storage device with USB 3.1. This extremely small-sized drive fits even in your pocket and purse in addition to a huge storage and speedy transfer of about 540Mbps. Now the transfer of high-resolution content takes place much faster with Samsung.

This SDD comes in various colors from rose gold, metallic red, deep black to alluring blue* aluminum. With no moving parts, it can handle a drop of up to 2m. Compatible with both type C to C and type C to A. It works well with Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), Android 4.4 (KitKat), or higher versions.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  Solid structure and shockproof
  •  Faster rates
  •  Higher compatibility
  •  Huge storage

4. Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

4.Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0, Black

Toshiba Canvio Basics is a 1TB storage portable hard drive with USB 3.0 technology. Its sleek design and high storage capacity make handling and organization of huge data easier to store and carry.

Toshiba HDD is easy to set up and get going with, no software installation needed. It is compatible with PCs and other devices as well and even with USB 2.0. System requirements for Toshiba are Formatted NTFS for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 may require some reformatting in the case of Mac OS v10.12 /OS X v10.11 / v10.10.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  HIgh storage
  •  Sleek design
  •  Easy setup
  •  Compatibility with both Windows and Mac

3. Seagate Expansion Desktop 8TB External Hard Drive HDD

3.Seagate Expansion Desktop 8TB External Hard Drive HDD – USB 3.0 for PC

To free yourself from the tension of data storage for years, we have Seagate expansion desktop 8TB external hard drive. With a huge storage capacity of 8TB, it appears as a storage giant.

Particularly designed for Windows and Mac reformat having USB external drive for easy and smooth backups. The package comes with 18 inch USB cable, 18 Watts Power Adapter, and a 1-year warranty. The maximum data transfer rate being 160MB/s. Ideal for home as well for workspace.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  High desktop storage
  •  Easy Backup
  •  Worry-free Storage

2. WD 5TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive – Best External Hard Drives

2.5TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive, USB 3.0

WD 5TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive offers fast data transfer rates and reliable huge storage. For smooth backups for videos, photos, and files.

This WD version comes with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatibility. It promises fast data transfer rates with huge storage of 5TB. Works well with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 with formatted NTFS.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  High storage capacity
  •  Smooth backups
  •  Fast data rates

1. Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4TB External Hard Drive

1.Backup Plus Portable 4TB External Hard Drive HDD – Blue USB 3.0 for PC Laptop

Making life easier and handling data experience smoother, Seagate backup Plus Portable offers enough storage capacity of 4TB to keep safe your photos, videos, and files. Available in compact size and variety of colors backup plus offers one-click backup and durable design.

It comes in 18 inches with USB 3.0, Seagate backup software, and Mac driver. Seagate Backup Plus is compatible with PC and Mac and Hard Disk Description is of Desktop type.

Reasons to Buy 

  •  High Storage
  •  One-click smooth backups
  •  Compact size and high durability


There are different varieties of External Hard drives to choose from. Therefore, one should properly go through the details of the hard drives and then jump to conclusions. Some hard drives may appear to be suitable for personal use and some may prove excellence in the professional domain. So, better is it to do some research, think of the purpose you want the hard drive for and your budget and then you are good to go.