Best Black Masquerade Masks for Women in 2020

The best way to look outstanding and to stand out of the ordinary is to get your hands on the black masquerade masks. Every woman wants to look exceptional and there is absolutely no harm in loving yourself. These 15 beautiful, elegant, classic, and chic masks will not only help you stand out in the crowd but they are surely going to get you a bundle of compliments you might not be able to handle!

List of Best Black Masquerade Masks for Women in 2020

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15. Masqstudoi Couples Gold Black Masquerade Masks for Party

15. Masqstudoi Couples Gold Black Masquerade Mask for Party

MasqStudio has designed a party that wears Masquerade Ball Mask, which is a perfect gift for couples. This pair of masks comes with 3 different designs/colors Black Gold with Music notes, Off White Gold with Music notes design and Solid Black Gold. Moreover, it is a premium quality handmade mask with hand-painted finishing on it.

It is made from Resin and can be worn at Halloween parties, festivals, birthdays, photoshoots, proms, and on many other occasions. Furthermore, the beauty of the mask is doubled with an ostrich feather on the females’ masks. The size of this mask is 7″x3″ which is perfect for all adults and kids over 10 years of age.

Reasons To Buy

  • Attractive and eye-catching, beautifully made design
  • Comfortable to wear, smaller size than compared to men, to fit the women’s face easily
  • Exceptional quality to last you a lot of festivals
  • Perfect to gift to the family, females above ten will be happy to receive it as a present.

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14. Sophia Collection Crystal Cat Eye Gras Black Masquerade Mask with Satin

14. Sophia Collection Crystal Cat Eye Gras Black Masquerade Mask with Satin

Sophia Collection Masquerade Ball Mask can be worn as jewelry by all women, teens, and girls. This mark made from Australian Crystal Rhinestone with so many hanging lines of sparkling rhinestones. Furthermore, it is available in 3 adorable colors Red, Black, and Silver.

This 9″x9″ mask is an eco-friendly product which is perfect for all type of skins, including sensitive ones as well. Also, Lead and Nickle free masks can be used in all kinds of parties, prom, festivals, or any other occasion to attract everyone. Furthermore, this one-size mask fits all due to its soft satin ties which provide perfect holding of the mask.

Reasons To Buy

  • Fragile and delicate and looks amazing when worn, and is sure to fetch you many compliments
  • The ribbon holds the mask on the face very firmly for the whole evening
  • An amazing piece of aesthetic that is unique, chic, and classic to make you the center of the party

13. Crystal Butterfly Gras Ball Black Masquerade Mask with Satin

13. Crystal Butterfly Gras Ball Black Masquerade Mask with Satin

This butterfly-shaped mask is very elegant and lightweight which is designed by Sophia Collection. It is made from premium quality Australian Rhinestones, alloy, and crystals. Moreover, it has 2 satin black ties on each side due to which it can be fit on any head size.

Furthermore, this 8″x4.5″ ball mask is Nickle free, lead-free, and skin-friendly. Also, it is available in 6 different colors Black, Fuschia, Gold, Peach, Red, and Silver. Lastly, it can be worn at any kind of party or prom or festivals or carnivals for keeping you in style and comfort.

Reasons To Buy

  • A beautiful and unique mask with crystals that reflects light at different angles and make you look outstanding in the crowd
  • The eye hole is prominent enough to show the exceptional make up you would be wearing underneath the mask
  • 6 colors to choose from, or just buy more to get your hands these unique pieces.
  • Well made to last many different parties like prom, costume, etc
  • Best things to give as a present to your female members of the family as well as friends

12. Thmyo Halloween Party Couples Black Masquerade Masks

12. Thmyo Halloween Party Couples Black Masquerade Mask

Thymo Couple Masquerade Mask is made from metal alloy and plastic with crystal stones on it. It is available in 11 different colors and shades for men and women. Moreover, it can be bend easily for a perfect fit on the face to have a complete look and with its ribbon ties, it can be fit to all faces.

The metal mask is 7.1″x3.9″ whereas the plastic mask is 6.7″x3.9″. Furthermore, this lightweight mask can be worn in parties, proms, festivals, carnivals, and all other occasions where the mask is required. Lastly, this laser-cut pair of masks can be used as a perfect gift for special couples.

Reasons To Buy

  • Elegant, chic, and beautiful. An intricate design that is sure to shower you with abundant compliments
  • The shape is delicately made to fit the face perfectly without deforming the metal much and fits smoothly
  • Lightweight so you can carry it as you party all night long.
  • Available in multiple colors and designs for you to select.

11. Hoshin Gras Decoration Black Masquerade Mask

11. Hoshin Gras Decoration Black Masquerade Mask

Hoshin Masquerade Mask can be a charming addition to your mask’s collections. This Venetian mask is for all females who love wearing delicate masks. Moreover, it is available in 9 different colors and shades with the same design and quality. It is made from an ABS base with inlaid metalwork and shiny rhinestones on the top.

Furthermore, this beautiful hand-painted mask can be fit on any face with its soft ribbons and it is perfect matching with your masquerade dress at any party or prom. Also, it can be worn at any festival or carnival as well. Lastly, this lightweight mask is free from any color fading and it can be used for a long time.

Reasons To Buy

  • Reasonable yet beautiful and elegant
  • Can be used by young girls as well as ladies and the elderlies as well, so no age restriction
  • Fetches you loads of compliments, making you the center of the party
  • Intricate details that make it special, chic, and unique
  • 9 different colors with beautiful combinations to choose from, so you can buy even more or just select the one that compliments your dress

10. The Samantha Peach Luxury Lace Black Masquerade Mask

10. The Samantha Peach Luxury Lace Black Masquerade Mask 

Samantha Peach designer Ball Mask is the same mask worn by Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades Darker. It has an elegant shape and made from soft fabric lace. Moreover, with its publicity in Hollywood, it became a must-have mask for all the fans of the actress and the drama. The actress was featured on the cover poster of the drama wearing the same mask.

Furthermore, it is available in 4 different colors Black, Gold, Navy Blue, and Silver all of them are better than others. This mask was hand-painted in England and it comes with long organza ribbons for easy tying and making it adjustable on all size faces.

Reasons To Buy

  • Makes one feel lovely, beautiful, and confident
  • Easy to see through them with perfect eye cavities
  • Showers you with plenty of compliments for the entire evening
  • Stays in place without falling or slipping down, the ribbon grips well too from behind
  • Stays comfortable all night long, without any adjustments
  • The elegant colors it comes in are amazing and can go with any dress

9. Coxeer Sexy Venetian Fancy Lace Black Masquerade Mask

9. Coxeer Sexy Venetian Fancy Lace Black Masquerade Mask 

This cat shape lace masquerade eye mask is designed by Coxeer. It has soft ribbons for giving adjustable features and it is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Moreover, this female mask can be used for sexy cosplay to increase sex appeal and have sexier looks at the parties.

Also, this 6.2″x5.9″ mask can be worn in any festival or carnival or fashion shows or party or function for looking more desirable. It is made from lace, also it has sprinkled glitter with several shiny silver stones pasted on it, and has jet black fur to increase the attraction.

Reasons To Buy

  • Unique yet identifiable mask to give you a cat’s affiliation.
  • Well made and attractive, will fit the personality pretty well.
  • Can be used for roleplay in sex activities
  • Gives you an appealing look in your outfit with this particular cat mask
  • Fur increases attention and making it more realistic

8. ForUnique Couple Venetian Black Masquerade Masks

8. ForUnique Couple Venetian Black Masquerade Mask 

ForUnique Masquerade Ball Mask comes in a pack of 3 masks for men and women. These masks can be worn at parties, Venetian festivals, carnivals or any other festivals. Moreover, this pack has a gold and a black mask made of lace with an elegant design for women and a classic bold black mask for men.

These masks are very comfortable, lightweight, and unique in design. Furthermore, this gift box has masks wrapped in tissue and these are inspired by the famous drama series fifty shades of grey. Lastly, these adjustable masks are backed up with 30 days money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Reasons To Buy

  • Fits perfectly on the face, the male fits on male and the female one fits perfectly on females
  • Comfortable, soft, and lightweight that keeps you partying all night without worrying much about it
  • Long ribbon to tie around comfortably
  • Great quality that comes with comfort, great value for the price you pay

7. Ubauta Venetian Couple Black Masquerade Masks Decoration

7. Ubauta Venetian Couple Black Masquerade Mask Decoration

This couple mask in King and Queen Style is designed by Ubauta. This pair of masks are made from eco-friendly plastic material with an elastic band to adjust according to your head size. Furthermore, it can be bend and shape as per your face and it is very comfortable to wear even for a longer time.

It is available in 3 magical colors Black, Gold, and Silver. With rhinestones design on the front, it will look more sparkling and center of attraction in any party or carnival or formal balls or festivals. Moreover, the king mask has 2 bold horse figures with the complete size of 6.5″x5.9″ whereas the queen mask has an elegant butterfly figure with an overall size of 6.3″x6.1″.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable enough to wear all night long without being bothered by it at all
  • They look ravishing on you and never fail to gain loads of compliments
  • You can dance all night in this without any worries what so ever
  • 3 colors go well with all dresses you have and give the mask a royal look

6. XVevina Party Mardi Gras Couple Venetian Black Masquerade Masks Set

6. XVevina Party Mardi Gras Couple Venetian Black Masquerade Mask Set

Xvevina Venetian Masquerade Couple Mask is made from a mixture of eco-friendly plastic (90%) and Metal (10%). It is available in 10 different colors and shades with the same bold design. Moreover, this glittery pair of masks comes with a black silk satin ribbon for tying a knot and has a butterfly figure on top of the female mask and a designed male mask.

These are perfect for photoshoots, parties, carnivals, festivals, and proms. Furthermore, this imported product has dimensions of 17x20cm (female mask) and 9.5×17.5cm (male mask). Also, these masks are very comfortable and it becomes noticeable from the moment you enter the hall. Perfect gift item for couples.

Reasons To Buy

  • Beautiful, elegant and stands out in the crowd.
  • Be ready to be blossoming with a great many compliments
  • Great quality that fits perfectly on the face, doesn’t need regular fixing
  • A great way to be the perfect couple with matching masks that highlights you both in the gathering
  • Ten different colors and shades to choose from, so choose the one that compliments you and your super gorgeous outfit.

5. Coddsmz Metal Halloween Couple Black Masquerade Masks Set

5. Coddsmz Metal Halloween Couple Black Masquerade Mask Set

Coddsmz has designed an amazing couple of masks with beautiful designs and attractive colors. This pack of 2 masks has a metal mask (20x10cm) with lace and rhinestones on the top side for perfect design and a plastic mask (17x8cm) with laces on the corner.

Moreover, these masks are very comfortable, lightweight, durable, delicate, easy to wear, adjustable, high-quality finishing, and perfect for a gift to couples. Also, it can wear at parties or proms or carnivals, or festivals to enhance your personality. Furthermore, a metal mask is made from eco-friendly alloy and plastic ones can be bent to adjust as per the size of your face.

Reasons To Buy

  • Grab this opportunity to dress up with your partner
  • Great quality that lasts very long and doesn’t get much glitter on your face that a majority of people don’t like
  • Wear it and party all night long, without getting uncomfortable in these
  • Makes you stand out at the party and shines your eye make up too

4. The FaceWood Ultralight Metal Shiny Black Masquerade Mask

4. The FaceWood Ultralight Metal Shiny Black Masquerade Mask

FaceWood comes with an attractive single piece Masquerade Ball mask for women. It is available in several colors, designs, and shapes. Moreover, this lightweight (just 25 grams) metal-made mask is designed with numerous shining rhinestones of different sizes and these are bendable as per your face size.

Furthermore, this laser-cut mask is very thin (0.8mm) and it has 2 black silk ribbons to tie it properly. It has an antique design that can attract all the party members towards you. Lastly, this mask can be worn by ladies, teens, and girls in any party or prom or festival or carnival, or any other occasion to embrace the personality.

Reasons To Buy

  • Very comfortable, you can keep it on your face all night long as your party.
  • Unique, stylish, and charismatic design that attracts everyone in the party towards you.
  • It is sure to fetch you a lot of compliments that you will love.
  • Can use it in more parties as well, and gift it to your other female friends

3. The Ubauta Women Black Masquerade Mask Decoration

3. The Ubauta Women Black Masquerade Mask Decoration

Ubauta Venetian Masquerade Mask is a perfect gift for all teens, women’s and girls. This mask is very lightweight, elegant in shape, the flexible and handmade mask is made from eco-friendly plastic. Moreover, it is available in 7 different shades and colors with a laser-cut metal butterfly on it.

Furthermore, it can be worn on any occasion which includes parties, carnivals, clubs, mardi gras, festivals, and much more. Also, it has an elastic band for providing a perfect grip and comfortable wearing. Lastly, this handmade and hand-painted mask is decorated with sparkling rhinestones all around the mask.

Reasons To Buy

  • A beautiful and elegant mask that is sure to present you with a lot of compliments.
  • 7 colors are there for you to select from, so see the one that goes well with your gorgeous dress
  • Lasts the whole party night and can even be used in other parties
  • Great quality in a reasonable amount that gives you the complete worth of your money

2. MyMenu Venetian Women Shiny Rhinestone Black Masquerade Mask

2. MyMenu Venetian Women Shiny Rhinestone Black Masquerade Mask

If you want a perfect mask for any party or carnival or festival then MyMenu has an amazing designed pack of 2 Venetian Masquerade female masks for you. These masks are unique in design with several rhinestones and filigree work to bringing you in the spotlight in any event.

Moreover, these masks are made up of metal which is comfortable, lightweight, and bendable as per your face size, also it has an elastic band for giving adjustable features for all head sizes. Both the mask has a different design (single eye and double eye) with jet-black finishing and makes you star of the night.

Reasons To Buy

  • An absolutely beautiful, astonishing, and sexy mask that has unique features, like half face feature that you won’t find elsewhere
  • Wearing this will definitely make you stand out in the crowd of the people
  • Comfortable and can be slightly modified to mold a bit to fit on the face
  • Lightweight, you can carry it easily all night long without feeling there is anything on your face.

1. CCBodily Halloween Women Rhinestone Black Masquerade Masks

1. CCBodily Halloween Women Rhinestone Black Masquerade Mask

CCbodily is coming up with a complete face Masquerade Mask for females. It has numerous rhinestones embedded on its face and has 2 elastic strings to hook up on your ears to wear it properly. Moreover, this mask comes with a filter and it is waterproof and purely handmade. This mask is perfect for parties, concerts, carnivals, festivals, and all other occasions where masks can be worn.

The plating of this mask is made of premium quality that can be fade for at least 4 to 5 years. Also, a wide range of colors is available in this mask. Lastly, it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee if returned within 3 months of use.

Reasons To Buy

  • Super-Cute, and blingy with rhinestones that spice up the face mask
  • Filter on the insider to help you breathe with ease
  • Fetches you loads of compliments even though you don’t have to wait to go to a party
  • Most appropriate during the pandemic of coronavirus
  • The long-lasting mask that can be availed for years to come

Buying Guide for Black Masquerade Masks for Women

After you have a look at all these 15 masks, you might have connected to a few of them. All of them are exceptionally beautiful and gives you great quality for your price. However, you might want to look into some factors below to assist you to decide better on which one(s) to buy.

Strength and Durability

It is important for these masks to have some durability and it is best if they can be molded slightly to fit on the face. If they have great quality material, they would be strong and would last long.


These masks are very delicate and fragile. Sometimes the packing is also not up to the mark, but their material quality is so good that they reach the customers without any damage. When you select on to buy then it is better if handled with care.

Available designs/ colors

It is one of the most important factors, color, and design. The design should be unique, and charismatic. And if there are a lot of colors available then it is best

Couple Masks

There are a few masks that come in pairs. It would be a great opportunity to match up with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, or even with just friends.

Exceptional and Outstanding Designs

All of these masks are amazingly designed and have a unique shape and intricate design. There are some that stand out of the batch and astonish all.

Ribbon Grip

The ribbon grip at the back is another important factor. Make sure the ribbon doesn’t keep opening or slipping behind your head and you take all the time of enjoying the party in fixing the mask

Face grip

If the mask grips the face well, it is probably the number one choice of all people as comfort is the basic priority. If it falls off frequently it can cause irritation to you all the time you are at the party.

Nose Space

The comfort level of the mask is also judged by the nose space it provides. The shape of most of these masks fit on the nose well. However, some can be uncomfortable so make sure they are of a good side to fit your nose


Another major aspect is how lightweight is your mask. If it is light and comfortable, you will find no need to take it off in the middle of the party as is usually the case with many

Multiple Parties usage

We usually want to reuse things if they are that beautiful. It is always amazing to have such beautiful and unique masks that you use over many night parties.


An absolutely delightful feeling when on a party night, you are the center of attention, you receive appreciation, and even win the prom queen title. All because of these black masquerade masks for women that you can get. Just click on the link of whichever appeals most to you and select the one that catches your eye and is not too heavy on your pocket.

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