Best Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases in 2021 Reviews

They are multi-faceted devices, that is why they need the best protection available. The top 14 best Apple iPhone 11 pro max cases in 2021 have a tough job to do. They need to protect these modern cellphones that do a lot more than just make or receive phone calls.

Modern phones are delicate devices. Along with being a phone, they handle internet searches, photography duties and a lot more. That is why you need a top Apple case to protect them. Just any case won’t do.

Keep your iPhone 11 pro max phone in top shape by employing these top Apple cases. They are built tough and have the qualities you want in a protective case.

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14. Apple Leather Case

14.Apple Leather Case (for iPhone 11 Pro Max) - Saddle Brown

Leather is always a good material to have around. Not only does it look good, but it also is tough and can handle those accidental impacts and drops like a champ. Even when your corners get nicked, leather is on hand to make sure the impact does not damage them.

Also, the cutouts are in just the right places. You should not have any difficulty reaching for your buttons or plugging cords into your ports. Once on your phone, you can still see 100% of your screen.

After you pull the case and phone out of your pocket your friends will be impressed by your good taste. Coming in about 5 colors, you can get a leather case that meets your color preferences with ease. It is easy to put on as well.

13. Miracase Liquid Silicone Case

13.Miracase Liquid Silicone Case Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5 inch

This protective case handles an iPhone pro max with a 6 1/2 inch screen without even trying. It slips over your phone like a glove slipping over your fingers. Once in place, you have about 100% protection.

Plus, the liquid silicone construction material is smooth to the touch and handles a lot of impacts with ease. The rubber is very strong and should absorb those impacts without transferring them to your phone.

Like any top iPhone protective case, you get all access to your buttons, screen, and ports without any hassle. You can work like normal and use your phone without issue. That is the key to being one of the best iPhone protective cases. It does its job without interfering with your activities.


12.OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max - CLEAR

Having the right color is almost as important as having the right protective case watching over your iPhone. This protective case comes in over 10 colors and designs so you do not get shunned by the ‘in’ crowd or your friends.

On top of that, you have a case that knows how to do its job well. Not only do you receive almost 100% protection, but you also get access to all the buttons and ports without any difficulty. The case goes on smoothly so you do not lose a lot of useful time.

Beveled edges make sure certain activities do not harm your screen keeping it in top shape so you have ease of use all the time. It comes in a 1 piece design.

11. CANSHN Clear Protective Heavy Duty Case

11.iPhone 11 Pro Max Case, CANSHN Clear Protective Heavy Duty Case

Whether you like it or not, an iPhone, especially the pro max series, is a status symbol. You can’t be caught with the wrong case or you may face a little backlash from your friends. That shouldn’t happen when you put this top iPhone pro max protective case over your phone.

Not only does it look good, but it also makes sure you can game and hit all the buttons with ease. Then your ports are protected without losing any access to them. That is just a couple of good characteristics this protective case comes with.

In addition, you have a tough case that handles normal daily use activities without letting your phone get hurt. Once on, you should receive almost 100% protection.

10. ESR Air Armor Case

10.Air Armor Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

One thing about Apple iPhone pro max protective cases. They can say a lot about you and your personality. For example, these cases come in low profile, deep colors that give off an elegant and professional look.

Along with that, you are getting a touch protective case made from top-quality construction materials. Normal everyday impacts should not harm either the case or the iPhone. Then with its anti-yellowing formula, your iPhone should always look its best.

Then with raised edges, your phone should be protected all the way around. without losing access to those important buttons and ports you need to use all the time. Once this case is on, you can relax and not worry about your phone.

9. SQM case iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

9.iPhone 11 Pro Max Case 6.5 inch 2019, Carbon Fiber Design Clear Crystal Anti-Scratch Case

Send off a very personal message about yourself when you select this or one of the many colors that are available for you to use. This top protective case comes in a variety of designs so you can show off your personality, sound judgment, and fine taste.

Once you have made that selection, you will have an iPhone pro max case that protects your phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It never takes a coffee break either. Made from top materials you should have a little peace of mind knowing your expensive iPhone is guarded by such a diligent case. The anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint design keep this phone case looking good all the time.

8. X-Doria Defense Shield, iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

8.X-Doria Defense Shield, iPhone 11 Pro Max Case - Military Grade Drop Tested

After you place this top protective iPhone case over your pro max phone, you get up to 10 feet of protection. That is the maximum drop level this case provides protection against. Of course, you do not want to go and test that out with your iPhone inside.

On top of that protection, you should have access to all your ports and buttons. Your internet searches should not be hindered and your images should always look good. This case doe snot get in the way of your normal phone activities.

The edges also help protect your screen from getting cracked if hit wrong. When you need to protect your iPhone, this is the case you should consider using.

7. TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

7.Slim Fit iPhone 11 Pro Max Case, Hard Plastic PC Super Thin Mobile Phone Cover Case

Keep looking nice and slim. This very thin protective iPhone pro max case does not add bulk and complements your already slim and trim figure. With a never color fade formula, your protective case should always look its best.

Also, the raised edges make sure your camera and screen are protected to their fullest. Slight impacts, etc., should not bother them and they should function like normal. Then the anti-fingerprint technology makes sure ugly fingerprints do not mar the look of your iPhone pro max.

With its thin design, your ports and buttons are still accessible. Your daily iPhone activities should not be hindered or delayed in any way. This durable case should last you a long time.

6. SPIDERCASE iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

6.iPhone 11 Pro Max Case, Built-in Screen Protector Full Heavy Duty Protection

Having multiple versions of this top case helps you express your mood of the day. Switch the cases out for when your mood is happy, sad, excited and so on. They all provide top-notch protective services so the color you use can be changed frequently.

Plus, you have a great case that is designed to make sure your fingers hit those buttons and your cables plug into those ports without any trouble. With shock-absorbing corners, your phone should have the protection it needs.

Normal accidental bumps and impacts should not interfere with the components inside your phone. This case keeps the phone’s operation running smoothly even when interrupted by a drop or two.

5. Sonix Lemon Zest Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

5.Lemon Zest Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Lemons remind you that spring is coming. This lemon designed iPhone pro max case helps keep those springtime thoughts in your head even when there are 3 feet of snow outside.

On top of that, you have a tough case. As pretty as this design looks, its protective nature is still tough, durable and strong. When you need to do wireless charging, this case won’t stop you. In fact, it encourages the charging method.

With its slim look and lightweight, you should not look bulky or be weighed down as you walk. The phone case fits into your pocket without ruining your fashion sense.

4. i-Blason Cosmo Series Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

4.Cosmo Series Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max 2019 Release, Slim Full-Body Stylish

Think outside the box for once and employ this top protective case to guard your iPhone pro max. Its unique designs have you standing out from the crowd and makes you look innovative and creative.

Then when the case is put on, you have access to your ports and buttons without interference. The case should simply snap into place and have you using your phone in seconds. Raised edges protect your camera lens and the screen.

Also, it is strong enough to handle accidental 10-foot drops without letting the impact disturb your functions and features. The case should also protect against scratches, scrapes and other activities that will try to harm your phone. That is good news indeed.

3. OULUOQI Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

3.Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max Case 2019, Shockproof Clear Case

Your iPhone probably costs you a lot of money. That is the reason why you can’t trust your phone to just any protective case. You need one of the best to make sure your phone stays with you for many years.

Not only does this top protective case come with durable and tough construction materials, but it has also beveled and raised edges to make sure accidental bumps, etc. Do not harm your iPhone.

The shock-absorbing corners make impacts disappear before they influence your phone’s look and performance. Access to your ports and buttons is not hindered and this case makes sure they stay in usable condition all the time. That protection is the best it can be.

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

2.Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

The unsung hero when it comes to these protective cases is the back. It has to be strong all the time as it usually takes the brunt of the blows, drops, and other impacts. It also has to stop the scratches and scrapes from damaging the look of your phone.

Not only does this protective case have such back support, but it also comes with almost 100% protective qualities to make sure your edges, screen and camera lens are fully protected.

Cable access to the ports and your button access should not be impeded by this case. It s duty is to protect the phone, not stop you from using the phone. And protect your phone the case does well.

1. Mkeke Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

1.Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max Case, Clear iPhone 11 Pro Max Cover

The right case should help your image and stand in your clique. This is a top protective case that will help you achieve status and impress your friends. Not only do you get good looks, but you also get top protective services that keep your phone running smoothly all the time.

After snapping it into position, you have round the clock and around the phone protection as well. Your phone should be safe inside the grasp of this protective case. On top of that, you get to use the buttons and ports without any interference from the case.

Raised edges protect your camera lens so your selfies come out looking perfect. No matter what you have a great protective case in this model.

Protecting your Apple iPhone pro max just got easier to do. With one of the top 14 best Apple iPhone 11 pro max cases in 2021 on your side, your expensive phone should stay in top shape for many years to come. These cases are made from top construction materials that stand up to abuse and use without complaint.

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